VorMax® Flushing Technology

The Engineering Behind How The Vormax Toilet Cleans 2X Better

The benefits of VorMax® flush technology are best explained by highlighting the hydraulic changes in terms of how the water is delivered to the bowl.

To achieve the maximum energy out of the 1.28 gallons of water used in a flush, American Standard engineers reinvented flush hydraulics, completely changing the way a toilet is flushed. This is now known as VorMax flushing technology. The difference is noticed instantly when you see a VorMax toilet flushed. It powerfully scrubs the full circumference of the bowl, from top to bottom. The VorMax flush has been tested against competitive toilets and proven to clean 2x better than conventional toilets*.  

VorMax Technology
VorMax Flush versus Conventional Toilet

Conventional Toilet

First, and most important, is to understand how a conventional toilet delivers the water during a flush. *Conventional toilets deliver water to two locations in the bowl, 1-the rim to rinse the bowl clean and 2- to the jetway to start the siphon which removes the waste. Conventional toilets only use 30% of the 1.28 gallons of water used in a flush to rinse the bowl clean, while most of the water (70%) is needed to start the siphon and pull the waste out of the bowl.

VorMax® Toilet

  •   The VorMax flush flips the ratio of water and uses 70% of the 1.28 gallons of water to rinse the bowl clean and the smaller amount (30%) to start the siphon and remove the waste.  The bigger percentage of water released to the rim to rinse the bowl will offer much greater scrubbing power and a much cleaner bowl. Both toilets are consuming 1.28 gallons of water but the amount and how water is delivered to the bowl is unique with VorMax. 
  •   The CleanCurve® Rim: To achieve better cleaning, especially under the rim, a slim CleanCurve® Rim was also included in the design of the VorMax® toilet. This feature allows water to reach the top of the bowl and omits the cavity.

VorMax Infographic


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